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Sep 17, 2006 07:22 ET


We will run Fight Prediction League competitions during the 2010-2011 season for 7 leagues: NHL, OHL, AHL, LNAH, ECHL, EIHL and CHL.


You will have 1000 NHL fight predictions to play with (for other leagues, the number could be different). To make the competition less predictable and more fun, we have the following 2 rules:

1. You can predict any number of fights in a game, but you can't predict more than one fight involving the same player.
2. You can spend no more than 40 NHL predictions on the same player during the course of the season (for other leagues, this number could be different).

Points and Prediction Types

There are 3 types of fight prediction you can make: Normal, Sure Thing and Desperado. Your prediction earns points when you get the fight right. If you don't get the fight right, but any of the 2 players did fight in the game, you also get points. Here's exactly what you get:

Prediction TypeWhat it costs youGot fight rightGot only one man right
Normal1 prediction10 points1 point
Sure Thing3 predictions20 points2 points
Desperado5 predictions30 points3 points

If you use Sure Thing and/or Desperado predictions, you'll have less than 1000 actual predictions to make. Sure Thing / Desperado predictions also use up the 40 predictions allowance for one player quicker than Normal predictions. For example, if you make 8 Desperado fight predictions involving Colton Orr, they would use up the entire allowance for Colton Orr and you won't be able to use him after that.


The system can only handle a limited number of user accounts without overloading the server. The NHL competition gets oversubscribed every year. Once the account limit is exceeded, new entrants need a subscription to join the competition.
Apr 12, 2011 11:16 ET
It's been suggested that if same players fight twice in one game, those who have predicted the match-up should get twice the points (20) they are getting now (10). And the same should apply to getting only 1 player right - if he fought twice it should count as 2 points instead of 1.

Do you support changing the rules accordingly from next year?
May 3, 2011 13:33 ET
May 6, 2011 07:39 ET
Yea, I agree with that.Reply
Aug 11, 2011 11:54 ET
We are going ahead with new rules for the 11-12 season.

Suppose someone predicted a Parros-Orr fight, and the actual fights in the game were as follows:


This prediction will earn 23 points:

20 for the 2 Parros-Orr fights
1 for Parros having one fight against someone other than Orr
2 for Orr having 2 fights against someone other than Parros
Aug 15, 2013 17:10 ET
There will be 2 changes introduced from the 2013-2014 season.

Thinking outside the box

It's not difficult to predict an Orr-Engelland fight. On the other hand, correctly predicting a Ladd-Phaneuf fight takes some skills and imagination. Such predictions should be rewarded.

In the new season, correctly predicting match-ups that no one else did will earn double the normal score.

Under the new system, the highest number of points a single prediction can earn will be 60 instead of 30 under the old system.

This change will only work in the NHL and EIHL competitions. This is because these leagues attract high number of predictors. In other leagues, it will work as before. When we have just 1 or 2 people predicting fights for some games, the fact that no one else predicted the same match-up doesn't necessarily mean "outside the box" thinking.

Predictions revealed at the start of the game

All predictions will also be hidden until the game time. This should make the competition more fair in 3 ways:

1. Those who predict last just before the game time used to have the advantage of knowing what everybody else have predicted. They could feed on the ideas posted by others instead of having to come up with some of their own. This was unfair to many who had to hit the sack before the game time, for example everybody from Europe.

2. The old system was open to abuse by spoiler tactics. Imagine that close to the end of a competition there are only 2 guys with a realistic chance to win it. They both have 50 predictions left and one of them has 1 more point than the other. The leader can ensure that he stays in front until the very end by making exactly the same predictions as the other guy. The new system makes spoiling almost impossible.

3. Another form of spoiling would be making predictions to negate an "outside the box" chance to someone. It would be enough to just post the same match-up. The new system makes this form of spoiling almost impossible.

You will still be able to see a list of most popular match-ups at the top. You will also still see the list of predictions along with the names of those who made them but the actual match-ups won't become available until the game time.