Forum: Fantasy Goon League

Oct 13, 2006 11:25 ET


We will run Fantasy Goon League competitions during the 2006-2007 season for 7 leagues: NHL, AHL, ECHL, OHL, QMJHL, UHL and LNAH.


A complete team consists of 5 skaters and 1 goalie. Once your team is complete, you won't be able to add more players.


You get 1 point every time your skater fights and 10 points every time your goalie fights. You also get an extra point for every clear win, whether by a skater or a goalie.
A clear win is any fight outcome of 65% or more. For example, if there are 2 reviews of the fight posted and one of them calls it a clear win for your player and the other review calls it a narrow win for your player, it's exactly 65% and counts as a clear win.

League Start Date

Here are the Start Dates for every Goon League:

NHL - Sep 17 (start of NHL preseason)
AHL - Sep 21 (start of AHL preseason)
ECHL - Oct 10 (start of ECHL preseason)
OHL - Sep 1 (start of OHL preseason)
QMJHL - Sep 14 (start of QMJHL regular season)
UHL - Oct 13 (start of UHL regular season)
LNAH - Oct 13

Preseason fights will count, even if our fight data turn out to be incomplete.

Changing Players

You are free to draft and change as many players as you want before the League Start Date, and there are no restrictions. From the Start Date and until the end of the League Season, there will be a soft limit on the number of player releases you can make from your team:

First 10 releases - free
11th player release - you forfeit 1 point
12th player release - will cost you 2 points
13th player release - 3 points deducted from your team's total
... and so on
If the team doesn't have enough points to release a player, you can't do it.

There are no restrictions on adding players.

No Cheating

Cheating won't be tolerated. For example, this site allows everyone to log out and then log in using different user ID's. This means that it's technically possible to run several team at the same time using different user ID's. However, such practice is unfair towards other team owners and will be considered cheating. Those guilty of cheating will be exposed and banned from the competition.

Homer Fight Reviews

Everybody is free to review fights involving their fighters. However, anybody else can request you to explain your call, and you are under obligation to do so. If you then refuse to do it, your review will be pulled.

Unused Teams

This year's Goon League competitions are likely to be over-subscribed. For this reason, teams which are not properly managed (incomplete or full of irrelevant players) will be pulled without notice.