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NHL FightsJan 9, 1990 Gaetz-Kocur by TheDanLine1 hour ago
Who is the best hockey fighter?2018 NHL Mock Draft by Ghis174 days ago
OHL FightsSep 24, 1981 Larkin-Lawless at 33:04 by whlfan5 hours ago
Fights not in DatabaseDerek Sanderson OHL fight by sadcbjfanYesterday
WHA FightsDec 20, 1975 Winnipeg-Minnesota Event at 0:00 by whlfan30 days ago
AHL / IHL FightsMar 13, 2016 Stortini-Kea at 25:38 by sadcbjfan4 hours ago
ECHL / WCHL FightsMar 30, 2001 Norrie-White at 16:02 by LukeLaCToday
QMJHL FightsMar 16, 2003 Davis-Veinot at 17:57 by JagrBombs2 days ago
WHL FightsOct 1, 2006 Fuller-Lucic at 27:58 by sadcbjfan3 hours ago
USHL / NAHL FightsMar 5, 1999 Dubuque-Lincoln Mini-Brawl at 46:11 by oldtimegoodtime5 days ago
CHL / WPHL FightsDec 26, 2008 King-Blanchette at 25:10 by sadcbjfanYesterday
IHL / UHL FightsMar 26, 2004 Massie-unknown at 57:03 by oldtimegoodtime2 days ago
Quebec Senior FightsDec 23, 2016 Veilleux-Proulx at 25:41 by JagrBombs2 days ago
Finnish Hockey FightsDec 28, 2016 Sammalkangas-Lamberg at 53:47 by Kamppula20 days ago
British Hockey FightsJan 19, 2013 Stewart-Lepine by Cornish223 days ago
AJHL FightsFeb 6, 2007 Colberg-Battershill at 34:40 by LoKoL12 days ago
International FightsMay 21, 2017 Sweden-Canada Event at 80:00 by LukeLaC28 days ago
Inter-League FightsJan 2, 1972 unknown-Shadrin at 53:46 by Yastrebitel4418 days ago
Game Video TradingAnyone have or remember a highlight video with Emerson Lake and Palmers Hoedow by Mcpheeb13 days ago
How This Site WorksHow old are people on this site? by sadcbjfanYesterday
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