inokwaybo Hate List


1Magnus Osterby Because he has played for Bjorkloven a rivalery to my favorite team Skelleftea AIK.
2Peter Worrell Ive got Worrell here to because in his fights he fire to little punches.
3Matthew Barnaby A BIG tease . And also he cant fight.
4Claude Lemieux One off the biggest bitches in the league, which cant fight either.
5Christian Sjogren The same as Barnaby. A BIG tease and also he cant fight.
6Marty McSorley One of the biggest fighter in NHL, but unfortunately he made a bad end of his great career when he attacked Donald Brashear with his stick and hit Brashears temple which been unconscious. McSorley get 23 game misscontuct and almost put in prison. What a bad end of his career.
7Todd Bertuzzi I hate Bertuzzi for hes wimply punch at Steve Moore. Just for that he skated behind Moore a long time and then he grab his jersey and punches Moore so hard as he can in his head.
8Pavel Brendl 
9Kenny Jonsson 
10Roman Lyashenko I really dont hate him, or just that he was so stupid to take his own life
11Sergei Zholtok I dont hate him, I have him here because its so sad that he died (1974-2004). One of the greatest player of All time from Latvia. RIP
12Steve Chiasson I have him here beacuse he was so stupid that he drinked and drive. RIP
13Dmitry Tertyshny I have him here because its so sad that he died in an boat accident, when he fell overboard and was runned over by the boat (1976-1999). One of the future prospects. RIP
14Luc Bourdon I have him here because its so sad that he died to young only 21 (1987-2008), so sad. :( Forever Young. A Canuck prospect. RIP
15Dan Snyder I have him here because its so sad that he died in a car crash. Forever Young. RIP
16Dany Heatley Murdered Dan Snyder. Burn in hell like Hitler did ( Heatley have German blood).
17Gaetan Duchesne I have him here because its so sad that he died to young (1962- 2007). RIP
18Alexei Yemelin After yesterdays game between Sweden and Russia in WOrld Championship 2012. He made himself an Oscar nominee for diving, twice in the game. And one nominee for an maniac spearing.
19Andreas Jamtin 
20Sidney Crosby CCCC - Captain Cindy Crying Crosby. BIggest wineing baby in entire NHL
21Matt Cooke 

Violent Events

1Jan 9, 2003 (Cheap) Christian Sjogren (Timra) vs. Tomas Berglund (Lulea) 
2Mar 30, 2008 (Cheap) Mikael Johansson (Farjestad) vs. Andreas Pihl (Linkoping) 
3Mar 5, 2004 (Cheap) Pelle Prestberg (Farjestad) vs. Magnus Nilsson (Lulea) 
4Feb 10, 2008 Florida-Buffalo Injury Olli Jokinen were hip checked and Zednik wich came behind Jokinen get Ollis skate on the throat.
5Nov 21, 2005 Nashville-Detroit Injury Jiri Fischer sitting on the bench and suddenly he bend over and have a heart attack, so the game cancelled just 8 minutes in. But he survived de accident
6Mar 22, 1989 St. Louis-Buffalo Injury Clint Malarchuk is hit by a skate on his throat and in just som e second it be a river of blood. But he survive and play the game just after. Amazing.
7Jan 29, 2000 Philadelphia-Montreal Injury Trent McCleary try to block a shot, and the puck hits hom onn his throat. Luckelly he survive
8Oct 13, 2008 Avangard-Vityaz Event Alexei Cherepanov collides with Jaromir Jagr and later on the bench he get a heartattack and die
9Oct 8, 1982 (Cheap) Greg Stefan (Detroit) vs. Willi Plett (Minnesota) 
10Dec 14, 1988 (Cheap) Keith Acton (Edmonton) vs. John Kordic (Toronto) A very awful cheapshot Kordic come behind Acton. Kordic put Actons head between his hand ( made a hole of his hands, with help of the stick, hold the "cross-check" hand) and pull his stick quickly backwards and cross checked an unprapared cros check.
11Mar 26, 1995 (Cheap) Claude Lemieux (New Jersey) vs. Brett Lindros (NY Islanders) A quite funny cheapshot. A scrum breaks out in front of New Jerseys bench and Claude Lemieux give Lindros a sucker punch from the bench.
12Jan 10, 1997 (Cheap) Rich Pilon (NY Islanders) vs. Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh) 
13May 31, 1998 (Cheap) Ed Belfour (Dallas) vs. Martin Lapointe (Detroit) 
14Nov 19, 1998 (Cheap) Jeff Beukeboom (NY Rangers) vs. Matt Johnson (Los Angeles) 
15Apr 14, 1999 (Cheap) Jeremy Roenick (Phoenix) vs. Derian Hatcher (Dallas) 
16Apr 25, 2002 (Cheap) Kyle McLaren (Boston) vs. Richard Zednik (Montreal) 
17Nov 26, 2007 (Cheap) Andrew Alberts (Boston) vs. Scott Hartnell (Philadelphia) 
18Apr 28, 1993 (Cheap) Dale Hunter (Washington) vs. Pierre Turgeon (NY Islanders) 
19Oct 8, 2010 Washington-Atlanta Event Thrasher goalie Ondrej Pavalec collapsed and were out for more then 10 minutes and were helped by the paramedic crews. He was send on a stretcher to the ambulance and transported to hospital.
20Dec 2, 2009 Boras-Orebro Injury During the game Bofors - Örebro. Niklas Lindhagen the winger of Örebro collapsed and suffered a heart attack. Luckly the head referee of the night Wolmer Enqvist had paramedic knowledge and started to give him heart puches. The paramedic crwe arrivves helped and later Lindhagen were send to hospital.
21Mar 16, 2002 Calgary-Columbus Injury 

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