RockChurla Hate List


1Claude Lemieux The most hated player for a reason. Cheapshot after cheapshot and all he did to back it up was turtling, hiding or fighting other sissies. A Disgusting player and many wanted to really kill him. Gotta admit though, that he had some hockey skills and it was good to hate him. Hockey needs bastards too :)
2Bryan Marchment One of those punks who purposely tried to hurt other players with illegal hits. I'm glad that he got once kneed by another cheapshot fuckhead Jarkko Ruutu.
3Ulf Samuelsson This asshole made a career of trying to end other players careers. Whether it was illegal hits, kneeing, slashing with sticks Uffe could do it all...except, of course, to back up his actions. Disgusting coward who hid behind linesmen too many times. Tie Domi was a punk himself, but what he did to Samuelsson was justice and nothing else. I will always hate this cocksucker for ending Cam Neely's career.
4Mats Sundin An Excellent player, but also a cocky wuss who can't defend himself even when he's a big guy...or was it a big gay. Everybody knows that Sundin is a faggot. It's just insane that Toronto keeps him as a Captain, but I guess that is just some weird tradition in there. First Wendel and now Mats...
5Keith Tkachuk A good power forward, but he is also a whining bitch. Whether it's his salary or his teammates, Tkachuk is always bitching about something. He's just an annoying big mouth and no-show in playoffs.
6Daniel Sedin Just like her twin sister Henrik, she's just an irritating sissy. I think they are lesbians.
7Henrik Sedin Just like her twin sister Daniel, she's just an irritating sissy. I think they are lesbians
8Mark Recchi I don't really hate him, just don't like him. A good player, used to fight occasionaly, but there is just something annoying about Recchi. Screw it, Recchi should not be on the hate list, but I can't remove him :(
9Pavel Bure One of the best goal scorers ever, but very cocky and selfish. A Kind of primadonna type of player. I've heard he's now part of Russian mob and this is not a joke.
10Jaromir Jagr A Sissy mullet princess is nowadays a sissy mullet princess without a mullet. I respect his amazing skill with the puck, but I never liked him. He used a huge amount of steroids to gain some weight and strenght after 1993, but still played like a wuss. I'm pretty sure he's a fag too.
11Janne Niinimaa A whining and wimpy fag who makes mistake after mistake.
12Donald Brashear A Fucking hug fag. Yeah, he's won some fights, but most of them with hugging.
13Daniel Alfredsson Another fag pussy. A good player otherwise, though.
14Wendel Clark I Don't really hate him, just think he's vastly overrated. Firstly, his excellent fighting record is mostly due to early jumping. He compensated his modest size by jumping on people and by starting pummeling without a warning. Secondly, he was not a THAT good hockey player, a terrible passer actually and played no defense at all. I respect Wendel's fighting spirit and killer wrist shot, but he's overhyped by Toronto based fans and media. He was not up there with Neely, primetime-Lindros or Shanahan. Tocchet was better too. Oh and the third reason why Clark is on this list: either fag or bi, but I don't like either.

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