BanzaiRabbit Hate List


1Sidney Crosby Crybaby.
2Claude Lemieux Just a terrible human being.
3Nick Kypreos If Ryan VandenBussche had been in the league ten years earlier, the NHL may never have had to suffer this useless goon. How people can like this guy, even fans of teams he played for, is beyond my understanding. I wish that someone had brutally ended his career early on, so that the careers of many other, more talented NHL players wouldn't have been blemished by this piece of crap. Lying twitching in a pool of his own pouring blood wasn't enough justice.
4Patrick Kaleta A guy like this epitomizes the Buffalo Sabres. Dirty, whiny, cheap, all talk and no bite.
5Zdeno Chara If I threw one punch at guys half my height and then got tied up, I'd have a big win percentage too.
6P.K. Subban Put him in a Flyers uniform and I'd probably love him. But he's a yappy whiner with no bite, and a Canadien.. two strikes against.
7Marty McSorley My hatred for this steroid monster goes back to the early 1990's when, after being leveled on a solid check, he got all butt-hurt and randomly speared Mike Bullard in the no-nos. Brashear was just one in a long line of psycho moments in this nutcase's career. When he concentrated on hockey, he was a very underrated player, too, which is the biggest shame.
8Dan Bylsma Worthless scum as a player and worthless scum as a coach.
9John Erskine The bravest coward in the NHL.
10Chris Chelios I already hated him for a long time, but after reading most of his autobiography, I don't even have words to describe my utter hatred for this nonperson. I am genuinely sorry he played in the NHL. I genuinely wish Ron Hextall had broken Chelios's neck. I really do, deep in my heart.
11Don Cherry Just because he talks about toughness and fights all day long doesn't make him some kind of hero. I have an uncle who is a racist, ignorant bozo of a bigot too, but nobody thinks he's a hero for it. Don Cherry has said that Don Cherry is a cult hero so many times that now even Don Cherry believes it. I remember a Sports Illustrated article about asking Cherry who he thought were the toughest players in the league, and Cherry "quotes" his freaking *dog* in the article. And I'm pretty confident my cat could beat up his dog.
12Brendan Shanahan Selfish douchebag as a player and selfish douchebag as an NHL executive.
13Kevin Collins In his zeal to stop fights, he's probably personally responsible for more injuries to players than the players themselves would do to each other.
14Bryan Marchment If you took a bowel movement and strapped skates on it, Marchment would still have less class than it. His first word word was "aduuuhhh" and his first sentence was "I like attack people knees". And that was when he was 23.
15Mike Milbury Shut up. Just.. just shut UP and die. Nobody cares about you, but you keep on talking. Nobody liked you as a player, not even your Bruins. Nobody liked you as a coach, and nobody liked you as a GM, especially your own Islanders. And now nobody likes you as a commentator. So, seriously. Make the mouth stop moving. Nobody wants to hear your meaningless drivel. People like Milbury should be assessed a special tax for the resources they unfairly waste by breathing and eating.
16Mike Richards This guy *should* have been the future of the Flyers. On-ice leader, talented, scores big goals, and will fight to stick up for his team. But incredibly immature. When he was supposed to be team captain, the Flyers [not so] secretly really had Chris Pronger in the dressing room firing up the team while Richie partied it up like a geeky teenager on spring break who found alcohol for the first time. Now, allegations of heavier drug use. No secret either that he and Jeff Carter liked to inhale greener smoke than just cigarettes, while nightclubbing with underage girls. He had all the tools to be a legend, but burned himself out like a Duraflame log, and now gets to face the consequences of having lost his skills in a league that doesn't want him anymore.
17Milan Lucic I do not understand how even his own fans in Boston or LA can like this guy. He's a crybaby and a coward, has a massive ego yet a fragile fortitude, and has just a casual acquaintance with NHL rules and the unwritten code. It makes me wonder if his supporters like him because he provides endless comedic gold, or if he simply makes them feel better about themselves and their own shortcomings. Lucic is the perfect example of a tough guy who is also a delicate flower. He'll run anyone over from behind, but the first time someone looks at him the wrong way he has a meltdown.
18Darcy Tucker Sometimes, when I take a really impressive, stinky, steaming, mushy dump, I will name it out of respect before I flush it. I've dropped a Tie Domi, a Sidney Crosby, a John Tortorella, even a Nick Kypreos or two. But I don't even name my hemorrhoid blood after Tucker. I have too much respect for my hemorrhoids. If Darcy Tucker was killed during a game, I would have had a party. In fact, when he does eventually die, I will have a party in honor of his death, and I will tweet the photos to his family. That's how much I hate Darcy Tucker.
19Chris Neil Chris Neil is that little 5-year-old kid who runs up to a 3-year-old on the playground and pushes him over. the 3-year-old gets up and pushes Neil, Neil again pushes him over. As Neil starts punching the prone 3-year-old, suddenly the 3-year-old's big 10-year-old brother comes running over to help his fallen sibling. Neil jumps up and runs away, crying, and tells his mommy that the big mean 10-year-old attacked him for no reason at all. The 3-year-old is bruised, the 10-year-old gets grounded, and Neil sits at home where his mommy gives him milk and cookies. Tomorrow, it starts all over again.
20Dion Phaneuf A complete coward who only fights nonfighters and those he can easily outmatch. He'll hit a guy dirty if he can't find a clean hit, and doesn't really answer for it in a meaningful way. Someday, someone is going to ram a stick down his throat and end his career, and hockey will be better off for it. Coward. Filthy, dirty, cheap coward.
21Joe Thornton Much like former teammate Milan Lucic, Joe Thornton is both a tough guy and a complete panty-wetting sissy at the same time. He'll happily attack the Sedins or Eric Desjardins, but comes up small when it's time to defend his teammates. I had a guy like this on my team for a few games back in small times. He'd push around the kids who just wanted to play hockey, but he got really quiet when anyone with toughness looked his way.
22Tim Thomas Tim Traitor Thomas spends his summers swallowing the scrote of his teabagger soulmate Ben Davis as they reminisce about the glory days of owning slaves and beating women. Hey, TT, you know the punishment for treason is death, right? Do us all a favor and take care of that, thanks.


1Boston Bruins 2014-2015 For a team with such a storied and dignified history in the NHL, the fans are some of the least hockey-savvy in the league, but they still whine and cry among the loudest. I've never seen a fanbase fall apart so quickly under pressure.

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