Dec 20, 2000
Calgary - Phoenix2-4 

Fight at 59:51
Duration 0:08ThrownLanded   Big   
 Dave Lowry 6'1''  192lb 132N/AN/AA Bit
 Jeremy Roenick 6'1''  205lb 134N/AN/A
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May 17, 2018 04:55 ET
Jeremy Roenick clear win Fun 
They're battling for the puck behind the goal. Lowry punches Roenick, who responds with a gloved punch of his own and they drop the gloves and grab on. Roenick has Lowry bent over and feeds him with three or four uppercuts. Lowry responds with a couple blind rights that don't connect. Linesmen quickly get in and break it up. Lowry has a little bit blood coming from his nose and Roenick is checking his finger that is also cut. This was clearly a fight even though they didn't get fighting majors. Roenick landed only punches and cut Lowry a bit, so he gets the clear win.
May 17, 2018 04:52 ET
CGY - D. LOWRY (Roughing) 59:51 ;
CGY - D. LOWRY (Roughing) 59:51 ;
PHX - J. ROENICK (Roughing) 59:51 ;
PHX - J. ROENICK (Roughing) 59:51 ;

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