Oct 23, 1999
Montreal - Toronto2-3 

 Fight at 9:10
Duration 0:19ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jim Cummins 6'2'' 4210lb 31470None
 Tie Domi 5'10'' 4213lb 3961
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Mar 10, 2011 17:40 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
Heavyweight, Jim Cummins of the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs' enforcer, Tie Domi drop the gloves in front of the Canadiens' net. They square off, Cummins showing right and Domi showing left and they grab on and Cummins starts punching immediately. Cummins throws five rights and connects with one before locking up with Domi. They stand back and Cummins misses a right before they have a fairly short but good span of trading punches. Domi throws nine lefts and lands four with one buckling Cummins right near the end. Cummins throws seven rights and lands two and when he's buckled by Domi's left, the linesmen jump in to stop the fight though Domi does miss left over the linesmen before ceasing. Good battle between these two tough guys. Win to Domi for landing better and buckling Cummins at the end.
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Aug 12, 2014 03:28 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
This was a good action fight. Cummins missed a punch, landed an average blow, and missed two shots. He landed a solid connect and missed a right. Domi landed an average blow and missed a shot. He landed a solid left. Jim landed a solid shot, missed a punch, and landed two average blows. He missed a punch. Tie missed a punch, landed a pretty good blow, and landed a solid shot. He landed a good left and a partial connect. He missed a punch and the refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a clear win for Domi. He landed with authority and came on strong late to win by a comfortable margin.
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Jun 13, 2018 18:33 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
Tie Domi of the Leafs and Jim Cummins of the Canadiens meet up in front of the net, square off, and then shed the leather. The two tough guys grab on and go, standing back and going toe-to-toe.

Cummins is scoring early with some nice right hands, catching Tie with three or four punches to the head and face. Domi composes himself after taking a few, then starts firing back with lefts. Both guys are landing 'em, but Tie's punches get faster and harder as the fight goes on.

Domi takes over late, landing several stiff punches on Cummins and making his opponent's knees buckle at the end with a shot across the jaw. When Cummins buckled, the linesmen decided to stop it, even though Cummins got right back up and was ready to keep going.

Domi gets the clear win for landing better punches and making Cummins' legs give out with one of his shots.
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Nov 7, 2006 09:52 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
Domi landed better and buckled Cummins in the end
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Nov 25, 2009 18:46 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
Cummins started the fight off landing some quick rights as he got on the inside early. But Domi pulled out and got the spin cycle going and began to land bombs on Cummins. Cummins threw back with his right but Domi landed much better windmilling lefts and landing some bombs late dropping Cummins to a knee.
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Jul 26, 2011 15:35 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
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May 23, 2016 08:55 ET
Tie Domi narrow win Fun 
Good fight, Cummins gets off to a fast start landing some nice rights on Domi who then starts up the spin cycle and really takes over the bout from there landing some hard lefts including the last blows which buckles Cummins and brings the linesmen in way too early in my opinion.
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Feb 12, 2017 21:29 ET
Tie Domi clear win Fun 
Apr 9, 2006 16:15 ET
Jul 20, 2014 15:53 ET

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