Dec 15, 2007
Dallas - San Jose4-2

Fight at 9:49
Duration 0:11ThrownLanded   Big   
 Steve Ott 6'0'' 2189lb 21100None
 Craig Rivet 6'2'' 2210lb 211170
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Jul 17, 2017 18:57 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
Physical defenseman Craig Rivet takes a run at agitator Steve Ott along the boards. Rivet checks Ott but gets his stick up on him. Rivet then cross checks Ott to the ice. He is getting a penalty for it but plays continues on. San Jose captain Joe Thornton touches the puck which draws a whistle but Ott checks him anyway. Rivet is furious at the late hit on his captain so he rushes in after Ott, grabbing him and getting his gloves off immediately. They move away from the boards and Rivet starts tuning up Ott. Rivet lands four punches, knocking off Ott's helmet. Rivet continues to punch away, hitting Ott with three more rights while Ott misses with a right hand while bent over. Ott goes to his knees, gets back up, and he takes three more rights from Rivet before the officials finally jump in to save him.

This was easily a decisive win for Craig Rivet. He pounded on Ott who was in some trouble and Ott needed to be bailed out by the officials.
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Jun 15, 2009 10:39 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
Craig Rivet checks Steve Ott but takes a penalty, when Joe Thornton touches the puck and play ends, Ott finishes a check on Thornton. Rivet goes right back after Ott, pushing him hard into the boards. Rivet drops his gloves, Ott doesn't and then Rivet pulls Ott off the boards while Ott shelters himself. Rivet gets loose and then begins pumping rights down at Ott, landing most of them. Ott just takes them but then he drops his gloves and misses a right. Rivet continues to pummell on Ott who goes down to his knees and so the linesmen come in. Ott missed the only right he threw while Rivet landed seven of twelve rights he threw. Win Rivet, he pounded Ott who didn't fight back for the majority of the tilt but decided to drop his gloves and try and defend himself in the late stages.
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Dec 15, 2007 21:17 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
Didnt look likes Ott intended to fight back.
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Dec 15, 2007 22:17 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
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Dec 16, 2007 00:37 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
rivet just dominates ott, there is a possibility this is unfair, I dont think ott intended to fight (or really had a choice), plus ott did not drop his gloves, although he lost one near the end accidentally
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Dec 16, 2007 06:23 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
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Dec 16, 2007 06:34 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
Ott holds on with his gloves on and get pounded on. Ott eventually dropped his gloves but Rivet continued to land punches till the linesmen came in.
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Dec 17, 2007 13:14 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
what the fuck where the referees doing? I mean the NHL says that fighting is a bad thing yet Ott had no intentions on fighting and got jumped yet they didn't jump in??? thats horrible officiating.
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Dec 8, 2009 05:50 ET
Craig Rivet decisive win Fun 
I loved this. Craig Rivet runs after Steve Ott like a pitbull and just starts hammering at him and throwing haymakers. Great to see. Again, Ott doesn't even look interested and just wants to get dumber and receive more smacks to the head.

Decisive victory for Craig Rivet.
Dec 15, 2007 17:18 ET
You can't call fights by the radio analysis.Reply
Dec 15, 2007 21:10 ET
The fight.

Dec 15, 2007 21:49 ET
haha no question there, Ott probably would of done a bit better if there had been a square off, it didnt even look like he wanted to goReply
Dec 17, 2007 14:21 ET
Quote from message by SarcasticPillow
Ott takes his gloves off during the fight, he manages a weak right that misses
I haven't seen the fight, but this sounds like Ott did intend to fight back at one point. However, you called it Unfair because Ott NEVER intended to fight back.
Dec 17, 2007 14:47 ET
The fight is posted above, watch it for yourself.Reply
Dec 17, 2007 16:14 ET
Fair fight IMO, and the reason is perfectly explained in your own review. Ott clearly threw a punch at Rivet which means that he did intend to fight back at that point.

Use the Update link to cancel your call. Also, please be extra careful when calling Unfair in the future.
Dec 17, 2007 16:44 ET
Wouldn't it be unfair because Craig Rivet jumped Steve Ott? That is how I called it.Reply
Dec 17, 2007 17:04 ET
No. Getting jumped in hockey happens so often that it has to be considered just one of those things that come with the job. Wendel Clark is a classic example - he's the guy who probably won more fights than anyone else in the first 5 seconds, and most of those because he jumped his opponents.Reply
Dec 17, 2007 18:19 ET
If that's how it goes.Reply
Dec 18, 2007 04:37 ET
Thanks for canceling your call.

One of our members hcanine has a strong view on unfair fights. He thinks that hockey fights should be judged like boxing. To him, jumping or jerseying one's opponent makes a fight unfair. Even if there's no square-off, it's already unfair to him. He will never be calling Unfair on this site.

Although your position on Unfair is not as strong as hcanine, it is still some way off our view. This is the reason why I was reluctant to set you up to call it, despite your excellent reviewing record.

Hockey fighting is not boxing. It's somewhere in between boxing and street thuggery. It is the latter that makes hockey fights so popular because thuggery brings out emotion. Acts of thuggery don't automatically make a hockey fight unfair.

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