Marc Rechlicz 2011-2012 ECHL Fights
Height 6'4'' (193 cm)    Weight 220 lb (100 kg)
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Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Jan 30  Ida-Uta  Tysen Dowzak15 Loss  5.5  R(2),M(1)      
 2  Feb 8  Ala-Ida  Benn Olson 5 Draw  5  R(3),M(1)      
 3  Feb 18  Ida-Ont  Chris Cloud530 Loss  7  R(2),M(2)      
 4  Mar 10  Bak-Ida  Hans Benson58 Win  7  R(1),M(1)      
Totals   1-2-1   8     
Average per Fight21045% 6.1  2.00     

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Loved By (12)Hated By (2)
FBL27: Wrecker's brother, tough as nails for his ...
ihl: little wrecker
hocks87: Tough as nails.  Lots of potential.
i-pod: Not to bad a fighter.
Tornado87, Vasara, CALVINCROWEFORYOU, nordiques, tomter, Sasha, UncleJ
moisty69, Stob
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